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War Is Hell. Hey Joe, we don't want any more wars! (video)

The Meme Zone

The Marxist Brothers, a comedy of political errors. One of the Marx Brother's funniest movies "Duck Soup," featured the song:

We're going to war
At last, our country's going to war!
Our country is going to war.
This is a fact we can't ignore
We're going to war.
In case you haven't heard before
I think they think we're going to war.

Another Fine Mess. The Biden presidency has been a complete disaster from the start, and getting worse. It probably will. Time to pull the plug on this horribly bad movie before it's too late.

The witch hunt continues. 4 indictments. Democrats are an evil bunch of desperate political criminals. They can't win, and they know it! They're digging the dirt for their own grave.

Joe Biden's campaign headquarters, the DOJ, indicted Trump again. Hey Joe, where you going with that DOJ in your hand? You're going down with impeachment and your brand, old man.

How hot is it?
Well, it's so hot that the Statue of Liberty disrobed herself and put on a bikini. She also made a request for some food and drink. Now that's really Hot!

Hunter Biden is an anti-hero Indiana Jones with a fistful of influence peddling. The archaeology of dime travel.

Your friendly Bugmeister, Klaus Schwab and his Great Reset plan wants you to eat bugs. Crunchy or smooth?

Columbo Connects Loose Ends

The Bugger King

Big Animal Pharma

The "Oil Can Man" is wasting our strategic reserves. The squeaky, rattling old tin of a man can't understand why his brain freezes up and his rusting limbs and cranky mouth get stuck and won't work right.

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